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‘Blood moon’ will be a sight to behold during Tuesday’s total lunar eclipse

FOX 13 News’ Nineveh Dinha spoke with local experts about the upcoming eclipse, see the video above for details.

CNN story continues below:

By Ben Brumfield


(CNN) — Prophecy loves signs from the heavens, and they will deliver Tuesday with a moonlight spectacle.

What will happen could sound sort of like this:

The moon will turn to blood as it aligns with Earth and sun Then do so thrice more ere a year and a half is done, ‘Tis not the herald of the apocalypses Just the first of four total lunar eclipses.

In other words, get ready for an unusually beautiful moon to grace the night skies next week. There will be a total lunar eclipse Tuesday that will turn the moon a burnt reddish orange, NASA says.

It’s called a blood moon, and this one is just the first in a series of four consecutive total eclipses.

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Political parties hold conventions in Utah Saturday

SALT LAKE CITY – Utah Republicans and Democrats held county conventions in Utah Saturday, and several candidates have secured their party’s nomination.

There was a bit of controversy in Salt Lake County as a candidate for the Fourth Congressional District, Tim Aalders, was told he could not have booth space at the Republican event because he was registered to run as an independent candidate.

Aalders said he had made that clear when he paid for the booth prior to the event but said he was still turned away, after receiving a refund. See the video above for details.

Democrats also met Saturday, and officials spoke on camera with FOX 13 News.

Several candidates have secured a nomination from their party, while others will be involved in a primary election. See the video above for a look at some of those results.

Resource officer uses stun gun on Granger High student

WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah — It all started when a hall monitor found a group of kids skipping class in the Granger High School gym. That’s when a confrontation between a student and a school officer began to escalate.

Ben Horsely, Granite School District spokesman, spoke about the incident.

“The students became somewhat belligerent, and the hall monitor requested some assistance and our school resource officer, the police officer who was on scene here, responded to help out,” he said. “The student belligerency got more elevated.”

A hall monitor requested assistance around 10:45 a.m. when a group of students were being aggressive while being written up for skipping class. Officials said when the officer arrived, one sophomore boy in particular refused to cooperate when he was asked multiple times to go to the office and to take off the hat he was wearing, which was gang affiliated.

Officials in Utah warn public of jury duty scam

SALT LAKE CITY – State officials are telling the public to be wary of calls from people claiming to work for the state court system, as scammers are targeting people by pretending to be a court employee calling about a warrant.

Officials with Utah State Courts are warning residents to be careful about giving out personal information over the phone; the current scam involves a call from someone who claims the potential victim failed to report for jury duty and has a warrant out for their arrest.

The scammers then allegedly tell the victim they need a social security number, their date of birth and sometimes a credit card number in order to cancel that warrant. Officials said they have received multiple reports regarding the scam, and they said the scammers pretend to be court employees or sometimes a member of a law enforcement agency.

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TV ads advocating for same-sex marriage coming to Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — As the battle over same-sex marriage heads to federal court, new television ads on the topic are set to air in Utah Tuesday.

A coalition group called Utah United for Marriage has created at least two ads. One features former television news anchor Terry Wood, while another features a large LDS family.

The coalition includes, among others, Equality Utah and the Human Rights Campaign. A representative for the coalition told FOX 13 News the ads will appear on local and cable channels and are intended to reach a variety of demographics.

Terry Wood said he was happy to participate in the commercial, which touches on his personal journey.

“When I grew up, years ago, I didn’t know anyone, outwardly, who was gay or lesbian,” he said.

Wood’s son Damien came out in his 20s, and later married a man in California.

Report indicates wolf populations recovering, may no longer need protection

SALT LAKE CITY — A report from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service suggests wolf populations have recovered to a point that they no longer need to be protected by the Endangered Species List.

Utah ranchers question why wolves were on the list in the first place, and now they said it’s time to pull them from the list.

Rancher Wallace Schulthess, who lives near the Utah/Wyoming border, sees wolves causing problems from time-to-time. He said it could turn into a problem if wolf numbers keep increasing.

“I think they’ve done a pretty good job of being re-introduced, the numbers are certainly there,” Schulthess said. “The trouble with the ESA is when they lift something they never put a total number on it, so how do you know when it’s fully recovered? With the numbers we are seeing now, it’s time to do something, turn it back to the states.”

Former Salt Lake Co. mayor to run for Utah State Democratic Party Chair

SALT LAKE CITY — Peter Corroon, who served as the Salt Lake County mayor for eight years, announced Friday he will run to become the next Chair of the Utah State Democratic Party.

Utah Senator Jim Dabakis, the previous chair, announced his resignation from the position in March, citing health reasons and a desire to spend more time with his family.

Corroon said in a press release he is honored to seek the position, and he thanked Dabakis for his leadership over the years and said that leadership strengthened the party.

Corroon said in the release that if he is elected he plans to implement a “29 County Plan” to increase Democratic Party influence statewide.