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New U-Turn in Kearns causes accidents, residents say

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Public defender appointed for woman accused of killing six newborns

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  • Megan Huntsman, a Utah woman accused of killing six babies she gave birth to over 10 years appears in court Monday, April 21, 2014, in Provo. Authorities say 39-year-old Huntsman told investigators that she either strangled or suffocated the six children and then put them inside boxes in her garage. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, Pool)

Experts, residents react to earthquake that shook Salt Lake Valley

SALT LAKE CITY — The U.S. Geological Survey reported a magnitude 3.2 earthquake just a few miles northeast of Tooele on Saturday night.

While no immediate damage was reported, it certainly shook quite a few homes.

“It’s scary. I’m glad it was just a minor one,” said Melody Addis, who lives in Erda.

As she and her kids were heading to bed Saturday night, they felt a jolt.

“All of a sudden we just feel this major shaking going on,” said 13-year-old Branden Addis.

According to data from seismic monitors, their home was in the community closest to the epicenter of the quake, which is why they felt so much movement.

“It was really light. It just happened to be in an area where a lot of people live,” said Keith Koper, a seismologist at the University of Utah.

While the quake did not register high on the Richter scale, it was still fairly significant in Koper’s eyes.

My Heart Challenge: Firefighter’s obstacle course

SALT LAKE CITY — Fifteen local firefighters are pursuing a healthier lifestyle through Intermountain Medical Center’s My Heart Challenge, and the public is encouraged to join their efforts to achieve better heart health.

The firefighters are about one-third of their way through the challenge, and they recently pushed their limits at an obstacle course. Health experts said the firefighters seem to be making progress, and they will continue to measure their gains toward a healthier lifestyle. See the video above for details on the challenge and the obstacle course.

Click here for more information regarding the 2014 My Heart Challenge.

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When it comes to building signs, unique custom creations is our specialty since 1971

1-year-old hit, killed as SUV backs out of garage

KEARNS, Utah — A 1-year-old boy is dead after being run over in a driveway in Kearns Saturday afternoon.

At approximately 12:51 police responded to the 5400 West block of Planada Way where a 46-year-old man had backed a Chevy Tahoe over the toddler, said Lt. Justin Hoyal with the Unified Police Department.

Hoyal said the child was playing in the front yard when somehow he ended up behind the vehicle.

The boy was transported to Intermountain Medical Center in extremely critical condition where he later died from his injuries.

The Crash, Analysis and Reconstruction Team is investigating the incident, Hoyal said, but it appears to be an unfortunate accident.

Want to see Utah’s liquor store inventory? Click here

SALT LAKE CITY — Becky Rosenthal knows first-hand what it’s like to find a great drink on Utah liquor store shelves one day, only to find it gone the next.

“We’ve gone from store to store and bounced around until we’ve found the right thing,” said Rosenthal, who writes about food and drink in Utah on her website, theslcfoodie.com.

Recently, the Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control quietly made its inventory available online for everyone to see. Through a search engine tool on the DABC’s website, customers can look up a particular bottle or type of drink (say, “merlot” or “absinthe”) and view the brands and how many bottles are available at what liquor store in the state.

Experts discuss health insurance enrollment numbers in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY — President Obama is calling the Affordable Care Act a success, since millions of Americans have signed up for health care on the federal exchanges.

But how many Utahns have signed up and are now covered? FOX 13 News spoke with experts at Arches Health Plan, who said it’s still too soon to call Utah’s enrollment numbers good or bad.

The official report has not come in yet, but based on the estimates so far, Utah’s youth enrollment is above the national percentage.

After a rough roll out of the new health care exchange under the Affordable Care Act, President Obama was eager to announce the national enrollment numbers Thursday. He said 8 million Americans have enrolled, with 35 percent of those people under the age of 35.

In Utah, no official statewide numbers have been released, but a spokesperson for Arches Health Plan said about 68,000 Utahns have enrolled, with 47 percent in the coveted 35 and younger demographic.